Tree Trimming

Please be aware that the Town Highway Department will be trimming trees throughout town for the next month.


ONTEORA DRUG FORUM February 10, 6:30pm Onteora HS

A Drug Facts Forum for

Onteora Parents and

Community Members

WHAT: Onteora Community Forum on Drug Abuse

WHEN: February 10, 6:30 PM (snow date February 11)

WHERE: Onteora High School/Middle School auditorium

WHO: All are welcome


Come join us to learn more about:

. What signs to look for

. How to talk to your child
about drugs

. How to get help for your

. Where to learn more

. Available resources

The Onteora Central School District is partnering with the
Ulster Prevention Council on an upcoming educational forum
focusing on the drug problem that is affecting youth in
many communities, including our own. Guests will include
representatives of rehab centers, law enforcement, and
community service providers, as well as recovering addicts and
family members affected by drug abuse.

We hope to see you there!

Tax Rebate Check

Some of you have asked why you recently received a check from New York State.


You may recall, last year, homeowners received rebate checks for the increase in their school taxes. 


This year, rebate checks are to be issued for the increase in school and municipal taxes if (and only if) the school district and the municipality stayed under the state’s property-tax cap, which limits the growth in property taxes to 2 percent a year or the rate of inflation, whichever is less.


Also, to qualify for the rebate, the supervisor or mayor of a municipality was required to file by June 1, 2015 an efficiency plan, which demonstrated steps were taken that resulted in savings amounting to at least 1% of the municipality's 2014 levy (in the case of Woodstock the minimum dollar amount was approximately $54,000; the efficiency plan dollar amount submitted and approved was more).


The school districts and the Town of Woodstock were compliant, and therefore homeowners are receiving rebates.

Renting Town Venues

Our rental facilities agreement is currently being updated. However, all rentals of town owned venues must go through the Town Clerk's Office, and possibly through the Insurance & Safety Committee. Please contact the Clerk's Office for paperwork and procedures.

Renting Town Venues

Welcome to Woodstock
Enjoy Our Quiet Beauty!

Visiting Woodstock? Did you find a place to stay through Airbnb or a similar service? Welcome to Woodstock. BUT, one request that we have is that you PLEASE not make noise.  You will be surprised to know how sound carries through our dells. PLEASE, join us in our quiet celebration of nature.


Are you renting your property out through Airbnb or a similar service? PLEASE, advise your guests to respect your neighbors and not make noise.


We have found that when this matter is brought to the attention of both visitors and renters that they bend over backwards to be a good neighbor. PLEASE pass this message on.

Woodstock Community Center Wall of Fame
Woodstock Community Center Wall of Fame
Woodstock Community Center Fund Drive


                                                                                   To have the Woodstock Community become a permanent part of the addition and renovation of the Community Center. Wood “bricks” are $100.00. Share one with a friend.




Make checks payable to the Town of Woodstock.  In memo:  Mescal Hornbeck T&A.


More forms available at the Woodstock Town Clerk’s Office, 45 Comeau Drive, Woodstock, or for downloading from this site, under menu heading Community Center Fund Drive. To see our progress or to make a donation via PayPal, please visit A small fee applies to credit card donations.  For larger donations or to contribute by purchasing one of the items on our donations page at, please call

Cathy Magarelli at 845-679-2713.

Yerry Hill Bridge Capacity Downgrade
7/21/2014: The New York State Dept of Transportation after inspection of the Yerry Hill Bridge has established a weight limit of 10 (ten) tons. Contact Mike Reynolds, Woodstock Highway Superintendent, 679 2805 for any additional information.

Attention Woodstock Residents

The Town of Woodstock is participating in the Ulster County Multi-Jurisdictional Hazard Mitigation Plan.

Below is a list of areas in Woodstock so far identified as possible hazard areas in times of flooding.

This list is available for inspection on the Town’s website (, the Town’s Facebook page (go to Facebook, type in Town of Woodstock), at various Town bulletin boards and also at the Town Clerk’s Office at 45 Comeau Drive, Woodstock, 12498 NY.

If you feel that this list is not complete, please contact the Town Supervisor in writing and identify what you think is a potential hazard area in times of flooding; the mailing address is the same as the Town Clerk’s above, the email address is Town and County officials will look into your suggestion.

Your input is important in helping to create a safer community.

Town of Woodstock Index of Projects to be Included in the Ulster County Multi-Jurisdictional Hazard Mitigation Plan

As of July, 2015

Woodstock #1 - Mink Hollow Bridge Protection

Woodstock #2 - Move Highway Communications Antenna

Woodstock #3 - Bury Power Lines to Municipal Water Supply

Woodstock #4 - Wittenberg Road Culvert Replacement

Woodstock #5 - State Route 212 Bridge Upgrades

Woodstock #6 - Culvert Replacement- Bellows Lane Intersection

Woodstock #7 - Zena-Sawkill Road Stormwater Remediation

Woodstock #8 - Zena-Sawkill Road Culvert Replacement

Woodstock #9 - Glenford-Wittenberg Road Culvert Replacement

Woodstock #10 -Ohayo Mtn Rd Infrastructure Protection

Woodstock #11 -Preemptive Infrastructure Protection - Hutchin Hill Rd

Woodstock #12 -Preemptive Infrastructure Protection - Old Keefe Hollow

Woodstock #13 -Preemptive Infrastructure Protection - Sawkill Stream Debris

Woodstock #14 - Mink Hollow Stream Infrastructure Protection

Woodstock #15 -Upgrade of NYS Route 212- Stormwater Conveyance

Woodstock #16 -Relocate Existing Emergency Water Main Connection to Town Hall

Woodstock #17 - Mink Hollow Road Infrastructure Protection

Woodstock #18 - Mink Hollow Stream Hillslope Stabilization

Woodstock #19 - Route 212 Streambank Stabilization and Road Protection

Woodstock #20 - Ideal Park Road Bridge Protection

Woodstock #21 - Mink Hollow Bridge Capacity Evaluation & Analysis